analysis : 113%

Hi, First of all thanks for this nice tool ! I 'm new to it, discovering it for a few days, and found a inadequate display I wanted to report. But today I got the new version upgrade so I don’t know if the trouble still applies. When I started Syncthing, it began to analyse my directory especially made for it. And during it’s scan, I added some file. So the display showed a “current analysis” (my version is in french) : 113%

Thanks ! BD

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Nice. We’ve historically had lots of issues like “Syncing: 243%” or even “Syncing: -12%”. I’ve never seen it happen with the scanning phase though. You’d think it wouldn’t exactly be rocket science to calculate a percentage and make sure it makes sense, but here we are apparently.


I think it computes from initial value size and since this value changes by adding files during the analyses, it overrides the 100%. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, probably.

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