An unshared folder is added again (in the logs)

Dear Supporters,

I got this notice, after removing an unshared r/w Folder “Name” via the WebGUI. (v0.14.46 Windwos64)

2018-04-11 17:52:12: Error on folder "Name" (Name): folder marker missing

The folder was synced between some devices in the past, but was unshared before a week or two, from those devices. Today, I entered the WebGUI, opened that folder, clicked the “remove” button and confirmed the removal.

This seems like an odd message to me, because I only have seen this message, when I deleted the folder marker (for whatever reason) on the host filesystem.

When I checked in the Log, I see, that syncthing added the folder instead of removed it. (Yet, the folder is not visible anymore in the WebGUI)

2018-04-11 17:51:38 Adding folder "Name" (Name)
2018-04-11 17:51:39 No stored folder metadata for "Name": recalculating
2018-04-11 17:51:39 Ready to synchronize "Name" (Name) (readwrite)
2018-04-11 17:52:12 Error on folder "Name" (Name): folder marker missing
2018-04-11 17:52:12 Failed initial scan of readwrite folder "Name" (Name)

Well, it’s true, that I deleted the .stversions and .stfolder after I unshared the folder (hence the notice in the WebGUI, I guess), but its not true, that I added the folder again.

When checking the config.xml (whose timestamp is from today, 17:51:39), I see, that the folder “Name” is not in there anymore. So that seems correct.

I never had this before and I unshared and then removed a lot of folders in the past.

Any Idea, what could have happened?

Seems to me that the folder was added here. Maybe one of the devices trying to share this folder with you is marked as “Auto Accept”? So the sharing from this device is accepted automatically, effectively re-adding this folder?

I never had “Auto Accept” activaded and I deleted that folder a week ago from all shared devices (from the disks and the folder configuration).

Post your config, or the lines prior to adding folder.



Both your config and log is mangled and doesn’t make sense… But the “adding folder” in conjunction with “restarting folder” at the same time means a new config was posted that added the folder.

Thats the content, I just replaced the “sensitive” data. I did not remove anything.

Anyways, no harm was done, so no further attention is needed.

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