An understandable conflict with mass deletion (using ST with a very old mobile phone)


This isn’t a complaint at all, just an observation.

I am relatively experienced with ST now, and thought I would do a test install on a very old phone (Samsung S5 SM-G900F).

I downloaded the app via the Google Play Store as usual, installed the app and connected to my server. The server (TrueNAS, current) has 4 devices connected, including another servers. Only one device was connected at the time of fiddling.

Once connected, I designated a new folder to sync thing, this was using space on the internal removable SD card (Set to Send/Receive).

When this was complete, it deleted all contents of the ST folder…bit of a shame! Luckily I only had to turn on another machine with a disconnected network connection, copy the files away before the delete instruction occurred and then just put them back.

I regret I’ve deleted the app now and so don’t have any records, and there appears to be no log going back more than 11 hours on the primary host.

I guess this is an issue with SD card permissions perhaps? I’ve seen those issues floating around in the past.

Anyway, may be that’ll help in some way.

Version: v1.18.1, FreeBSD (64-bit Intel/AMD) “Fermium Flea”

Build 2021-11-06 (noupgrade)

The common scenario when such mass deletions seem to happen is when you add a folder to Syncthing under a mount point (instead of a physical folder), then the mount point disappears for some reason, which causes Syncthing to report an error about .stfolder missing, and then you decide to recreate .stfolder manually in the now empty folder. This will make Syncthing believe that you’ve deleted everything on purpose, and it will happily push the changes to other devices.

Other than the above, mass deletions like that don’t really seem to happen very often (unless you’ve hacked around the default settings, e.g. disabling the folder marker protection, which is very much not recommended).

Thank you for responding @tomasz86

To my admittedly poor memory, I believe I created a new folder specifically for ST on the phone.

I know I didn’t change any defaults, merely connected the device with the primary ST device, then click to say where I wanted a duplicate and created the new folder to be associated with the sync. Then I noticed 0 files. I might see if I can duplicate the issue and take more notice of the situation.

Something I found frustrating, was that the QR facility crashed the app. I don’t mind at all personally, we are talking about a very old and beaten up phone. It doesn’t reduce my confidence in ST in the slightest.

The Galaxy S5 isn’t that old :wink:. It runs Android 6.0.1, which is still very much usable, while Syncthing itself officially supports much older Android 4.1 and later. I haven’t tested the QR scan functionality in older versions of Android, but I’d assume it should work fine in something like Android 6 though…

If you can reproduce the crash and there is any kind of log message about it, you may try to report a bug regarding it.

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Haha, I like your optimism!

I’ll certainly re-produce when able, anything to help. :+1: