An endless stream of "Access is denied" messages, syncthing + synctrazor

I have syncthing via synctrazor installed on 3 pcs on a windows domain lan, all under the same administrator account. Most folders I’ve set up to sync work great. One folder, by far the largest, fails. On one of the pcs, there is an endless stream of ‘access is denied’ messages like

[IGV2Z] 18:26:34 INFO: Puller: final: GetFileAttributesEx \?\c:\mo\a2010_apps\css\transfer\deploy: Access is denied.

[IGV2Z] 18:26:34 INFO: Puller (folder “a2010_apps”, file “css\transfer\site\20130712\csscall_20130712.bak”): dst stat dir: GetFileAttributesEx \?\c:\mo\a2010_apps\css\transfer\site\20130712: Access is denied.

[IGV2Z] 18:26:34 INFO: Puller: final: GetFileAttributesEx \?\c:\mo\a2010_apps\css\transfer\site\20130712: Access is denied.

[IGV2Z] 18:26:34 INFO: Puller: final: remove \?\c:\mo\a2010_apps\prc\transfer\deploy\ Access is denied

Can anyone explain this? I’ve deleted and recreated the folder sync description, rebooted the pc etc. The account that is running both copies of sync has full admin rights, and other folders I have shared between these two pcs have no issue.

Can you post the folder paths from the config, and check if you do have rights to the folders in question? Running as admin means you can change ownership, doesn’t mean you have it.

Sure - on the machine that I see the errors on, the folder path is c:\mo\a2010_apps. I have now specifically added domain admins to that dir, full control, same issue, ‘access is denied’. It’s odd because another folder hive like this on the same pc, same drive, created by same user etc, sync’d immediately.

I had been stopping the process with it’s thousands of ‘access is denied’ messages because I wasn’t sure it wan’t messing things up, and also that is the only way I could copy some of the error messages it creates. Are the messages logged to disk anywhere? I can’t find a log, it would be helpful.

Last night I tested by adding some new files to the folders being sync’d and restarted synctrayzor. To my surprise they were sync’d within a minute. I decided to let the sync run all night to see if it would complete and be done with the error messages. This AM it’s still pouring out error messages. Since I don’t have access to a log file I can’t tell if it’s cycling through the same thousands of files over and over.

I do need help with this odd issue.

Here is another group of error messages in case it helps

[IGV2Z] 09:20:06 INFO: Puller (folder “a2010_apps”, file “css\”): dst create: open \?\c:\mo\a2010_apps\ Access is denied.

[IGV2Z] 09:20:06 INFO: Puller: final: open \?\c:\mo\a2010_apps\ Access is denied.

[IGV2Z] 09:20:07 INFO: Puller: final: remove \?\c:\mo\a2010_apps\gmark\ Access is denied.

[IGV2Z] 09:20:07 INFO: Puller: final: remove \?\c:\mo\a2010_apps\prc\transfer\deploy\ Access is denied.

[IGV2Z] 09:20:07 INFO: Folder “a2010_apps” isn’t making progress. Pausing puller for 1m0s.

So there are a bunch of tools which recursively acquire ownership of files and directories, that’s the best thing I can suggest. It seems that some of yhe directories are also marked as read only. It has a logfile which is stored in syncthings home directory (see -help on the binary).

Also, the log messages should have \?\c: not ?\c: which is wierd. Are you using symlinks or hardlinks or reparse points?

Hi Audruis, thanks for the reply.

These are bare bones simple directories and files that I created manually.

Well, here is one thing. I recently changed from a local admin account, to a domain admin account. Most of those files were created with the local admin account. I already changed the top level folder’s owner to the domain admin account, with cascade changes to the subfolders and files. All files show the new domain admin account as the owner. However, one of the most frequently listed folders in the syncthing error list STILL required me to permanently grant myself ownership of the folder when I asked to open it with explorer. After I did that, that folder no longer shows up in the syncthing error list. But the most of the other folders that are in the error list are zip files; I have not been able to adjust them to fix the issue with syncthing.

It seems that windows has not handled the change of ownership properly. I’ll keep experimenting with this, any suggestions are welcome.

Yes, it seems that the issue was related to the change from local admin to domain admin; I’ve pummeled the permissions into conformity and the sync is error free.