Always the wrong (bigsized) synctime on Android

My Android App wich is: 0.7.4 with Syncthing Version v0.12.2.+18-g56f1c29

shows every time the wrong time to sync. As i set it to 200s in the webinterface, it changed to 259200s next time i look at. (100s change to 259100s, 11 to 25911s and so on.)

May this is only a “formating” issue? Or if it’s the real time, that is the reason for my de-sycronous file.

I paste a screenshot here:

You’re referring to the ‘scan interval’? I think the Android App may be changing this: it watches the filesystem for changes, so it doesn’t need Syncthing to continuously poll. Ping @Nutomic?

Yes, android uses inotify, hence the interval is deliberately changed.