Always run in background?


How is this feature supposed to work? Am I supposed manually “refresh” in the web gui? Is this going to sync when I just open the interface?

Can you please provide some information about these use cases. I am interested in battery life so what is the best way to go?

Just start it when you need it in that case.

The Syncthing service will always run in the background. It will start with Android, and won’t be stopped if you close the app. You can use the “Only sync on Charging/Wifi” options to reduce battery/internet usage.

Thanks for the info.

Is it possible to run ST on Android with lower priority?

We already run the Syncthing binary with a lower priority than normal (nice 7). There’s no setting though.

Hmmm my task manager says it is at 0.

I will investigate this a bit.

Is the GUI running at 7 or is the actual ST binary running at 7?

Only the Syncthing binary.