Alternative to gui?

When, for example, I delete from my laptop a directory which contains (st)ignored files, my server cannot sync fully, as it doesn’t remove the ignored files so it can’t remove the non-empty directory. That is fine with me. I just have to remove those ignored files manually from the server. However, to identify the problematic directories I have to run the gui in the server. This is possible but problematic sometimes, as the server is in a local network and is not directly accesible from elsewhere, though I can establish a ssh tunnel. I would like to use ssh to run a terminal session in the server and run some command to find out what are the files or directories that couldn’t be synced. Any suggestion?

The problematic directories are printed in the logs as they fail to be removed.

I actually suggest you read the docs:

A pattern beginning with a (?d) prefix enables removal of these files if they are preventing directory deletion. This prefix should be used by any OS generated files which you are happy to be removed.

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