Alternative logins are not functional.

The methods of login that are for this forum that use and are not functional for me.

Syncthing Community Forum” is returned during login via Twitter, whereas “Syncthing Community Forum=” is returned during login via Facebook.

Probably the methods and keys are outdated. Presumably, since they don’t work, people aren’t using these integrations and we could remove them.

Indeed, outdated implementation is the most common cause of this. However, these methods of authentication should remain, because they are useful for quick access and recovery of accounts.

Twitter login has been dead or disused since 2018. I’ve removed it. Facebook login seems to have worked more recently and had users using it – I’ve revived it, I think. (I can’t easily test it fully because my account here doesn’t allow it, but it looks like it should work.)

Login via is being operational for me. Thus, I am thankful.

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