Already verified Remote Device wants to be added as a new device

I have a Remoted Device that has been verified and connected for years. Last week after a Windows 10 system update (21H2 / March cumulative) on both computers it started to ask “New device / Device X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X wants to connect. Add new device?” on the computer it shares to. Device ID looks valid.

If I click on “Yes” it looks like it trying to make a whole new connection and folder destination.

What happened and how do I fix it without wiping out the existing share/sync on the computer it is trying to make a new connection to?

I just noticed something else. On the Remote Device (the computer the folder is being shared from) it now has an entry for itself under “Remote Devices”. I don’t think I have ever seen that before and it doesn’t make sense. Why would it now have a remote connection to itself? Something looks REALLY glitched here. FYI, it shows as “Disconnected”, Last seen = Never.

Now that Remote Device no longer connects and is still requesting a new connection as a new device. How can I fix this and not have everything out of sync?

Things are getting worse. Now the Device IDs no longer match.

Something weird is happening on your computer. Perhaps you’re inadvertently launching multiple syncthing instances with different config directories.

Hmm, how would I go about confirming this and/or getting things back to the way they were?

@calmh I looked into your suggestion and I might know what happened. I use SyncTrayzor to run Syncthing and have it set to run at Windows start up. Before I had the problem it had crashed on the primary share computer. I likely typed “sync” in the search bar and accidently ran Syncthing (not SyncTrayzor) to restart it. It feels like that may have overwritten some vital configuration files. Does Syncthing keep backups of configuration files somewhere?

No, but more likely the problem is that the config is stored in a different place when launched from SyncTrayzor than when launched directly. If you start it from SyncTrayzor again it should be back to its old identity.

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