Allow to set up the same folder for multiple syncs

I’m running into a problem trying to sync my Music folder
a) fully with my other Computers
b) only partially with my mobile devices

When I want to set up the b) connection as a totally new sync and then want to put exclude-patterns, it warns me there is already a .stignore - file. Of course, syncthing has already marked the folder because of the a)- Sync.

I’m not sure if there is a workaround for this with syncthing as it is now.

My suggestion for the future: extend .stfolder and .stignore with the sncthing Folder-ID:
.stfolder-<FolderID> and .stignore-<FolderID>
so multiple syncs could work on the same folder without getting into each others way.

There is already this, which will probably solve your case:

In the meantime, you can ignore the files on you mobile device and use the same Syncthing folder for all devices.

Somehow it seems I am confused on how this exactly should work:

  • I added the music video folder to the ignore- pattern on my android device
  • I deleted the music video folder on my android device
    => result: the folder got purged on all my other devices!!

That’s not what was supposed to happen, ignore patterns do what you expect them to do: The video folder should not have been deleted on other devices. Reason may be that somehow the ignore patterns weren’t actually active when the deletion was scanned (no concrete idea why, but it’s Android, so who knows what’s happening) or the patterns were incorrect. Recheck the patterns are actually there (either in the web UI or in the .stignore file) and just to be sure, share them here together with the path to your video dir.

Thanks yes you were right, The folder name was “0 Video” and I had not typed the space - with the font on Android it was hard to see it. Good I had a backup :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help. I somehow expected the ignore patterns to be the same on each node for a certain sync ID - learned something new. My mishap also shows a clickable tree for the ignore patterns would prevent such possibly costly mistakes. Anyway, I love syncthing - keep up the good work.

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