Allow Relay-to-Relay Traffic

The current implementation of strelaysrv permits the flow of traffic between two clients using a single Relay server. This is usually the most efficient transport method:

client <---> relay <---> client

In some scenarios, allowing blocks within a cluster to transverse multiple Relay servers may be beneficial:

client <---> relay <---> relay <---> client

DigitalOcean operates a dedicated backbone network, interconnecting their datacenters using dark fiber and asynchronous paths. This means a DO server in Amsterdam can ping another instance in New York City faster than it could over the public internet. Allowing multi-relay routing could take advantage of peering situations like this and increase overall sync performance.

This has to make the relays clever and need to start somehow measuring throughput with latency.

The idea itself is now flawed, but it’s complicated enough that I think it’s not worth it.

Capable users can set up a VPN tunnel to leverage that.