Allow Mobile Data Usage By Folder

Hi all!

My android phone is configured to back up, whenever I am connected via wifi.

There is one folder on my phone that I would like to back up always, even over mobile data.

Anyone know a way to configure syncthing to use data for specific folders?

It seems to me that mobile data usage is a global setting. Hoping that I’m overlooking something.

Thank you!

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No, sadly there is no way to do this in the standard app other than by pausing yourself.

The fork app might have better support for this.

Thank you, Audrius. Submitting a FR.

I am pretty sure there already exists a feature request for that in the issue trakcer.

Sadly nobody is working on the mobile app code, so it’s unlikely to happen any time soon.

As I suggested, check the fork, perhaps the feature is already there, or perhaps the maintainer is willing to spend time on this.

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The feature can be found in the edit folder dialog of Syncthing-Fork. There is a slider “Individual sync conditions” which can be enabled and below , you can go to a subdialog and tick which conditions you want to apply to this folder.

Short form:

  • set global run conditions, e.g. allow mobile data and wifi.
  • edit folders you do not wish to sync over mobile data, turn on individual sync conditions and disable mobile data there.

In the end, there will be all folders syncing on wifi and one folder syncing on wifi+mobile data.


Thank you both for pointing me in the right direction.

Just finished installing it.

Great work, Catfriend1. Much appreciated.


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