All of a sudden cannot create new shared folder in external sd card

For no apparent reason, when I tried to accept some new shares to my Samsung Note (Gt-N8013), I got the error message “your device doesn’t allow syncing to external SD card.” I cannot navigate to the SD card to select a folder.

I didn’t have this problem prior to this. There hasn’t been any change to my system either.

My Android version is 4.42, a rooted custom Rom. The syncthing version I believe is something along the line of 0.10.X.

Can anyone help with some pointers for possible workaround/fix?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Sorry I should add that my syncthing is the latest version. Also, I did see somewhere it was mentioned that one needs to enable an Advanced Folder Selection option under Behavior, but I couldn’t find this option at all. I also read about discussions on similar issues related to Android 5.0 and above, but my Android version is 4.4.2, and as I mentioned, until recently I was able to select the external SD card for folders with no problems.

Do you have Settings > Behaviour > Use advanced Folder Picker enabled?

That option exists as on “stock” android the app cannot access the external SD card.

Thanks for the suggestion, Simon. I was looking for the said setting in the Settings of the Web UI. Anyway, found and enabled the Use advanced Folder Picker option under settings of the Android GUI by Nutomic. However, I had to also change the default home directory to the SD card to make the whole thing work. So far things seem to be working as before.