All folders show Up to Date (host and client) but one folder on client stuck in scanning

Running Syncthing v1.13 on my Android 11 Samsung S10+ syncing files to my Windows 10 PC also running v1.13.1.

This started when I finished OTA’ed my S10+ to Android 11 today. One folder on my phone has over 70,000 files and been stuck in scanning mode for several hours. Restarted phone, restarted app did not help.

Tried adding a new file in the problem folder and it could properly be sync’ed to my PC with no error.

Any clue to do some clean up to fix this?

It would be helpful to see some screenshots of the GUI showing the problem. If this is on the phone, then you can try to open the proper Web GUI using the left panel, and then check what exactly is going on there.

Web GUI doesn’t help much. The little magnifier means it’s doing the Scanning under the folder.

On the folder that is shown as scanning, you added a file on the same device, and it got synced? That would mean the scan actually finished.

Anything suspicious in the log (android app menu > debug > open log or web ui actions > log).

Sorry for the late respond. Yes, your statement is correct. And I did not see anything suspicious in my log while scanner, fs enabled.

Throughout the time since my last reply, I dug around on the forum as well as github for any similar reported issue.

I even removed all folders and only setup to sync the WhatsApp folder. Problem seemed to be reproduceable.

Found the following post and OP had the problem I am facing. My Samsung S10+ upgraded to Android 11 on Feb 4 which apparently started to give out the issue. I did not plan or want to rollback the OS but I gave it a try to back-out Syncthing.

I managed to find a copy of Syncthing v1.9.0.5 and the scan did not slow down once scanning passes 8000+ files mark. The scanning process for 70K files (~ 40GB) was completed within a few minutes.

What’s the change from v1.9.0.5 and v1.10? I did not have such problem when my phone was still running Android 10 with newer version of Syncthing.

Syncthing cannot sync databases like WhatsApp, btw. This is not working as the file might be open during syncing.

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hmm… I don’t get it why there was no such scanning issue with v1.9.0.5 (Yeah I tested it on Syncthing-Fork) on Android 11 and all version of Syncthing on Android 10.

Even if you manage to “sync” the open database, it will likely end up being corrupted. The only way would be to completely close the WhatsApp application, but that is likely not going to happen, unless you literally kill it or use something like pm disable from ADB.

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