All files renamed to .giosave - Why?

Dear Syncthing community, on the screenshot below you see how all my files look like since a couple of days:

Screenshot from 2020-03-31 11-11-36

Before that they used to have proper names with normal file endings etc. How come that all their names changed? Can I bring back the old file names, and if yes how? Thanks for your help!

Looks like you caught some kind of malware. I suggest you take your device offline immediately. Then I suggest to Nuke it from the orbit.

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if you used file versioning, then you could restore from a remote after reinstalling the affected PC.

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Just to be clear, syncthing will not randomly rename the files, some other software/malware has done it.


OK, so I looked up “giosave”, and apparently some Ubuntu SFTP client creates those:

I think I now remember how that happened. Recently Syncthing stopped synchronizing one or two folders. I started to copy the folder manually via the SFTP client of Ubuntu’s built-in file browser. This solved the synchronization problem for Syncthing, but apparently renamed these files somehow. That at least would be my conclusion.

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PS: Another conclusion: Next time better ask here what is the problem of not synchronizing files instead of doing these crappy things. Thanks anyway, and sorry for the irritations!

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