All files are .tmp

Hi, Files are sent to the server but with .tmp extension.

Thanks for help. Sam

Log extract : [5FPON] 16:06:32 INFO: Puller (folder "" (5ufpf-4fiek), file “AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst”): finisher: pull: peers who had this file went away, or the file has changed while syncing. will retry later

Server and client in V 0.14.49 on Windows 64bits.

The file changes faster than we are able to sync it, because its open in the application using it

Syncing your PST file may not be a good idea - Syncthing will have to hash the entire PST when every change is detected, and remote devices will have to re-hash the entire file every time it’s synced. That’ll chew up a lot of CPU and I/O and if the sync doesn’t complete each time, you won’t have changes synced to remote devices. All the while Outlook is open on one device it will not be able to sync until closed.

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Hi, Found ! This is Panda Antivirus :frowning: it seams to lock files and .tmp files are not renamed.

Tks for help. Sam

For pst, how can I backup emails ?

You can’t, its most likely going to end up corrupt one way or another. Your emails are backed up on the server one way or another.

I backup my emails from smtp by running an additional client, getting it up to date, then terminating it and only then do I backup to ensure a consistent state of all the data files. I don’t consider emails being on the server as a backup, for a similar reason that I don’t consider an additional Syncthing device a backup: If somehow files get deleted on any client, they also get deleted on the server. If you need to backup the pst itself, I believe there’s no other option than ensuring that outlook is terminated while the backup happens.

Thanks for reply. Thinking about 3rd software like pst backup and syncthing the backup pst.

Regards. Sam

I don’t know if it is the good place for these

Create batch to backup Thunderbird wit MozBackup.exe :slight_smile:

batch here and in attachement:

taskkill /IM thunderbird.exe “%~dp0mozbackup.exe” “%~dp0backup.moz” (761.4 KB)

Thanks for help. Sam

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