All devices disconnected

Hello, i started Syncthing on my home and on work computer, i add each to other via Add Device and putting correct Device ID, but they are allways shown as disconnected, what i’m missing?

thanks, Mladen

Did you set up port forwarding on your home router? ( )

Do both have global discovery enabled and a connection to the discovery server?

well, both have global discovery enabled, but both shows Global Discovery = 1/2 (i guess it only connected to udp6://, that i see on mouse over)

i don’t have access to router at work for port forwarding. At home uPNP is turned on and it do port forward, but it shown same Global Discovery 1/2.

It’s vice versa. The server shown in the popup does not work. Syncthing uses two servers, one for IPv4 and one for IPv6. You seem to have a IPv4 only internet access (which is still normal with most ISPs).

The port forwarding / UPnP at home should suffice.

Do you know of any restrictions in your corporate network. Sometimes outgoing connections are restricted to a small subset of ports.

Can you try to connect to your home ip and port (set by UPnP) with telnet from work?

i doubt that is something restricted at work with ports, i normally use torrents, BTsync, TeamViewer… and it all working good

i don’t have that knowledge for setting up telnet connection :slight_smile:

Torrents, BTSync and TeamViewer use a different protocol.

yes i understand it

so only option to get it work is to get access to work’s router and enable port forwarding or uPnP?

Or do it on the other side, so that other side would have port forwarding or UPnP enabled. Or wait for v0.12 which will allow you running relays.

at one side is enabled uPnP (at home), at work is probably disabled. But anyway it’s not connected on either side.

OK i will wait for new version, i really like concept of Syncthing, thanks for developing

Well v0.12 means you’ll have to potentially run a separate service to help you connect. It’s not that it’s going to magically start working. If UPnP is enabled, and it managed to get a port mapping, and it’s still disconnected, then your UPnP or discovery is borked.