Alerting Users sync not happening...


I want to alert users that their devices are not been synchronized.

Mainly in the case of mobile devices. Android keeps disabling the app, or closes it, that kind of thing.

Something like sending a telegram message from a bot that tells: hei! your device was not sync for the last 7 days.

How could I implement this? Is there an API to query my own sync server?

take a look at the REST API


thanks for pointing… see if I can get alerts via matrix.

@uok in the end I used n8n with the rest API.

an n8n workflow to run every day and check how long since we don’t see devices.

a message is sent via instant message to the owner of the device.

the only problem I found is that Syncthing does not have a place to store data about the device, in my case I needed to store the owner so that I know who to notifiy via IM, in the end I used the device name with a “device name +owner” format for the devies that need notification.

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