After win10 update everyone disconnected

After win10 updated a lot of our settings for a variety of programs got messed up. It appears that same happened for syncthing because now everyone is disconnected. By restarting two of the 8 machines I was able to get them going.

Anyone else have this problem?

It would be nice if there was one computer that could force actions on the others – like restart rather than have to go to each one and restart them.

I am using task scheduler to start syncthing when a user logs in.

Is there some way to reset everything without having to re-download everything? Ooooh, so frustrated at this point.

Well, that’s not a Syncthing issue. I’d even consider it pretty uncool if other devices could restart Syncthing, and definitely terrible if it was the machine (but that wouldn’t work anyway without elevated privileges on sane systems).

In general a full reset of Syncthing (not the data) means rehashing all the data, but not retransmitting it. However depending on your devices and network that rehashing may take just as much (more) time. So I’d try not to reset, but find the issue and fix that - there is a chance the issue isn’t with Syncthing’s config.

I have no idea about win10 (updates), so I am fishing in the dark, but the obvious candidate would be changed firewall parameters on update, i.e. Syncthing can’t discover/connect anymore. For more (educated? :stuck_out_tongue: ) guessing, please post screenshots of your and remote device statuses (or check discovery section, known addresses of remote devices, …).

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