After removing and reinstalling syncthing preserves my credentials

I am getting acquainted with syncthing so after a first install in my fedora OS I uninstalled the code and deleted every file that I could find related to synthing. They were all files/directories residing in ~.config/syncthi*, and I also deleted ~Sync. So, since syncthing does not link your computer with any server, it only links your computer with another computer that you owns, I assume that there could be no trace whatsoever of syncthing on my machine, in order that after a fresh install I would be prompted to redefine every single configuration of syncthing, including my credentials. That, obviously, would not be the case if syncthing were a server based service, in which case my account/credentials would still exists in their servers. But after re-installation I opened synthing and my early credentials, which were suppose to have vanished in the uninstall and removing of related files, where still there. What happened? I could only suspect that there were files placed somewhere else outside of both ~.config and ~Sync. But which files? Thank you all.

If you are using Linux and the default Syncthing install, all configuration should be stored in .config/syncthing. Maybe your browser stored the login info? Or you installed Syncthing from somewhere else? You can also use syncthing -paths to show the config file path.

You’re not saying which credentials where still there, or what “there” means. But I’m guessing as @Nutomic, that you mean username and password remembered by your browser? That’s remembered by your browser.

Thank you Felix and Jacob for your replies. I found out what was going on: after removing the program via dnf (the fedora package manager), subsequently removing the config files from .config/syncthing and .config/syncthing-gtk and finally removing the folder ~Sync, I noticed that for some reason the daemon was still running. Have no idea why, in my mind after removing a package any running instance of that package should immediately stop, but that was not the case. So when I reinstall syncthing my credentials (login and password) where still somehow saved in the machine and where automatically loaded. So I repeated the whole process, but now also killing any running instance of syncthing and, after reinstall, the package asked again for new credentials, which is the behavior I was expecting all along. Thank you very much again.

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