Advice please-3 remote systems

Pre install advice wanted. I recently built an unraid server at my house. I have a Synology NAS at my parents house and a Synology NAS at our family ranch. I would like to sync our media between all three locations. My father and I are photographers and have almost 8TB worth of photos and I have almost 4TB worth of movies and tv shows that we would like synced. In the past we just used DSCloud on Synology but I moved my NAS to the ranch and built the unraid server because I had an extra Dell R710 in my basement. Can Syncthing keep all three devices synced together? What would be the best way to set it up? Im trying to learn as fast as I can on this.

Yes it can keep all three devices synced together. Obviously available bandwidth and uptime on each device will have an impact on your experience. RAM can be a limitation on NAS devices that store far more data (number of files and total file size) than the device is really targeted for by the manufacturer. As you’ve mostly got photos and videos this is less likely to be of concern for you but it’s worth considering down the line IF you have a poor experience on a NAS.

The best set up would be all 3 devices syncing to each other device. This will likely give you the most robust and performant experience with 3 devices that are all on separate networks as they can each pull data from the fastest peer at any given time.

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