Advice on best NAS brand

We’re just looking at implementing synthing for syncing video editing workspaces and wanted to see whether there was any opinion about Which NAS brands work better… QNAP, Synology, ASUS. or something else ? Setup, performance etc

Many thanks

A real computer works best.

It’s a wide open field…

A lot depends on budget, technical skills, storage capacity requirements, average size of video files, number of videos, frequency of updates, network topology (e.g. hub-and-spoke), etc. etc.

For example, a low-spec QNAP, Synology or other storage “toaster” might not cut it if Syncthing is expected to distribute a bunch of 50GB video files every 5 minutes to a dozen desktops.


I would prefer a proper server running TrueNAS, hooked up to the clients via 10GbE.

QNAP and Synology are not really a good fit for this type of task.

That is only partly true. It is clear that low-performance and/or low-memory devices are not suitable for such tasks, although even they can manage a few small files.

However, Synology servers from the +series upwards are even very well suited to handle such and extensive tasks. I have 3 Synology in operation myself, 2 of them with 2 instances, another one with 3 running instances.

I’m also planning to start using the new servers from UGREEN, which are even more powerful than QNAP, which is known to generally have more powerful hardware than Synology.

Can’t wait to get mine.

I ordered a DXP6800 pro, DXP4800 plus and DXP480T plus. The UGOS pro operating system is currently being developed and the Docker APP is already running and the VM manager will be available soon. I will also run several Syncthing instances in Docker on each of these NAS.

I’m going to install regular Debian on day one.