Advertise Syncthing webpage on mDNS/Bonjour

With multiple computers on a local network, it would be so much easier to have mDNS/Bonjour support so Syncthing config pages could be visited by name instead of IP. For example, computer1.local and computer2.local instead of and

On macOS, Bonjour can be used (or perhaps the dns-sd command line utility), while on Linux there is avahi.

Windows 10 just got Bonjour support behind a Registry flag but I think it’s for navigation only, so it (and earlier versions of Windows) perhaps can be ignored for now.

I think helping with discovery of other computers on the local network for anything else than sycnthings purpose seems like out of scope of syncthing?

Surely you can run whatever daemons/applications that are made for that purpose?

It’s up to the application to register with the system bonjour services, so that part would be in scope. Printers and routers seem to announce their admin guis this way, I guess we could too. However it’s not precisely the same as Syncthing will usually be administered locally, it’s unusual to just drop in a headless Syncthing device in your network and start settings it up from somewhere else. So I’m not super convinced of the utility…