Advanced Tomato/Entware Help

Hi Syncthing community, Hope my message has not been covered in any other posts, I do apologize if so. I am new to Syncthing and the program looks very promising.

I would like to install it on my Nighthawk R700 router which is running Advanced Tomato. I noticed that Syncthing is available through the entware packages: The version is 1.9.0-1, however the description seems to match

Anyway, my question is, is there a guide on how to install and configure syncthing on Advanced Tomato? I would like to ideally configure it so that it syncs my NAS which is attached to the same exact router.

Any answers and direction will be much apprecaited. Thank you in advance. Have a nice day and stay healthy.

I suspect the performance will be unacceptable when running on a router. Syncthing meeds a ton of cpu, so I wouldn’t even waste your time.

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