Adding / Removing OS flags on successfully synced files


Very satisfied user of syncthing here. I am syncing over 7 million between two sites and it just works. But i have couple of questions:

Is there a way to modify “Archived” OS Flag on file (archive checkbox on file properties) or any other fs flag when file is successfully synced ?

No, os specific attributes other than readonlyness are not synced, same way acls, resource streams and xattrs are not sycned.


Thanks for explanation, but my question was targeted a little differently… So to rephrase is there a way when each or any file is successfully synced to run custom script or some program function to mark file as archived…

You can use the event rest api in a script to achieve that, see item started/finished events here:
You might also be able to “abuse” the external versioner for this purpose (no guarantees), if you don’t already use versioning.

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