adding pre and post processing stages to syncthing transfers

I have a project that needs postprocessing after a file is received in synching. I don’t yet understand go or that structure of syncthing so I would be hiring a consultant for the development effort on this but I’d appreciate any feedback or ideas of where to start looking for methods for postprocessing.

Part of the reason why I’m looking at a plug-in is because I literally need to know when every file arrives and there’s a secondary bit of functionality where the receiving user can choose what to do with the received data.

This might be a lack of knowledge about how the go environment works but I’d like both syncthing and my backend program to use the same web user interface when communicating with the user.

Thanks for your feedback and pointers to what I need to read to improve my knowledge of the syncthing environment

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I suggest using filesystem notifications to react to new files and process them as required. If you don’t want to do that, you can use the event system in Syncthing to get told about newly synced files. Implementing something inside Syncthing doesn’t strike me as the obviously correct approach.

I think the event system will be the best way to go. We have no idea what system the end-user will be using, which led me to the thought of using syncthing as a platform-neutral toolkit.

My preference would have been to give the end-user a full VM with everything under our control, but the user base is non-tech industrial and has to be reminded multiple times to leave the syncthing machine on overnight because that’s when we deliver files to them.

Thanks for your advice and recommendations.