Adding new files to empty folder raises up old "Syncing" status 95% 0B



What are these 39 elements? “95%, 0B” means everything in sync except deleted stuff.

Although, they are files I deleted myself from another device in the cluster, one of those that are shown “Up to date” above. The topology is as follow: Device which deleted files<=FullSync=>Device-Showing-the~strange~thing(ScreenShots)<=FullSync=>All-Other-Devices-Whose-ones-that-seem-to-ask-files

I edit the post above :

Although, they are files I deleted myself some weeks ago from another device in the cluster (my laptop), one of those that are shown “Up to date” above. The topology is as follow: Device which deleted files (MyLaptopDevice-on-LAN)<=FullSync=>MyServer-on-LAN-Showing-the~strange~thing(ScreenShots)<=FullSync=>All-Other-Devices-on-WAN-Whose-ones-that-seem-to-ask/to-be-pushed-files. For this folder share, MyServer acts as a gateway between nodes on the WAN on one hand, and my laptop on the other hand.

The strange is that when I add one or two small files either on the server device or my laptop now, then within a minute 39 old files show as missing at remote devices on the server. BTW, remote devices show on server different number of missing files, e.g. 39 in the screenshot, and 41 (nearly same list) on the other node (the one at top of 2nd picture in OP).

When I delete the 2 recently added files either on laptop or server, then within a minute remote devices are displayed as “Up to date” in server.

Remote devices always show “Up to date” in the Laptop (they exist here too) because the Laptop shares this folder only with the Server.

All remote devices are stable 0.14.45, mainly Windows, but my laptop is 0.14.46-rc1 (Ubuntu). The server is ubuntu stable 0.14.45. All screenshots are caught on server.

I have no idea what might cause this, so I don’t have any specific debugging proposition.

Does the problem still occur after resetting indexes (run once with -reset-deltas)?

Logs with model and db debug facilities may contain clues. If you don’t want to post them here but are OK with Jakob, Audrius and me seeing them you can send the logs by email to me (

I haven’t scrutinized the issue but this sounds like the behavior of a send only folder?

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I should have say “full bidir sync”. No device in the cluster is send only

@imsodin Hi Simon, does the log format matters to you (Unix/Linux or Windows)?

I am lost - what log format? It’s just text.