Adding folder on multiple devices at once

I’m setting up two Macs. The folder structure for everything I want to sync is the same on A as on B. So each folder I want to sync has to be added on A, then I go and do the same on B.

Is there any way to do this more efficiently? Say add a folder on A, with all the correct settings and have the configuration for that same folder with the same options propagated to B without having to go through the entire process? That would cut the work of adding folders for syncing by 1/2.

Okay, it’s working now. The folders are shared automatically.

That wasn’t happening on my LAN at first because I had set up Syncthing’s web interface on B to let me connect to it from a browser on A. Both A and B computers are in separate buildings, so I’m used to remote management like this. Since I was using the browser to setup B, and not ScreenSharing, I did not see the dialog in Finder, on B, asking for permission to access files in ~/Documents. So the shares weren’t propagating - it was still waiting to add one of the folders.

Once I used ScreenSharing and clicked “Ok,” so Syncthing could access files in ~/Documents, everything started working without a problem. When I added a folder on A, it would show up on the web control interface for B and ask if I wanted to add it to B.

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If the two servers are located in two different buildings and you would like to be able to use the admin console from your computer at location A and be able to see the web console for both server A and server B I recommend using SSH tunneling.

You would need to put open SSH server on both machines and then you will be able to access on both servers from your PC without having to be in front of or remote into either one of the servers. Each of the two servers will be in their own browser tab on your Workstation wherever you happen to be.

The external Gateway router at each location will need to be configured to forward the SSH packets that come in from the internet to the server at that location.

Let me know if you need any further instructions or details creating the SSH tunnel.

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