Adding folder name alongside folder ID for some log entries

I’m trying to diagnose an intermittent bug where, on resume, some shared folders are marked as stopped as a result of low disk space.

The log file gives me the folder ID: WARNING: Stopping folder "ad5ts-t5sss" - folder has insufficient free space

I open up the Syncthing GUI and realise that I have about 20 shared folders. To figure out which one was stopped, I have to click through all of them! What do people think about adding the folder name as well:

WARNING: Stopping folder "Podcasts" (folder ID ad5ts-t5sss) - folder has insufficient free space

Or, if the ID is no use to anyone, removing it completely?

The folder ID is also used alone in the log entries Ready to synchronize, Completed initial scan and Folder "(ID)" error is cleared, restarting, amongst others. If a user is using any of these log entries for information, referencing the folder ID here may mean it’s difficult to know which folder the log entry pertains to.

Worth an issue on github in my opinion. ID can be useful as labels can be duplicate (probably nobody does that but it is possible…) or empty (many users have that for their folders because the label did not exist when they were created) so I would say adding both is the best.

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I fully agree. An issue, or better yet a pull request, would be welcome.

Writing a PR for this is a bit beyond my programming skills I’m afraid. Issue for adding folder labels to logs.