adding a set of devices as a batch operation

Am looking into using syncthing (via synctrayzor) to share a folder of files among a set of 10 people. I am new to syncthing (have been using Resilio Sync for many years), but from what I can tell, on each of the 10 devices, we will need to add all 9 other devices so that every device is linked to every other device. I’m used to creating a folder in Resilio Sync, sending the folder link, and everyone adds that and then they all discover each other automatically, but it appears to work differently with syncthing so I’m trying to figure out the process.

I can ask everyone to get their device ID string and send it to me to compile those into a list. Is there a way to do a batch add of devices on each machine or does everyone need to manually add all 9 other devices? Can I supply a CSV file and have the devices added from that file (excluding the current device which would also be in the list) on each device?

I’m trying to make this as simple as possible for the other people to setup and we want all 10 people connected to all the other 9 people.

This leads to a second question. If everyone submits their ID to me and I add them all and they accept the connection on their end, then I’m guessing the result would be my device at the center connected to all theirs which means everything is going through and reliant on my device, correct? This leads me to think I need what I started above with, i.e. having all 10 devices add all 9 other devices.

The introducer feature may help setting up the mesh.

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