adding a new synced folder

I have two computers running Ubuntu with the same folder structure and same user name. I want a folder, with identical paths on both computers, /home/me/bin/, to be synced between the two.

Running Syncthing on both computers, I added /home/me/bin as a shared folder, to be synced with the other computer. Though the paths are identical they have different folder ids that are auto generated.

On each computer syncthing asks whether I want to add a new folder(for the shared/synced content). I don’t want to add a new folder. I want that folder itself to be shared/synced.

What do I do? I am not able to change the folder ids to be the same since they are auto generated.


You only need to create a Syncthing folder on device A and share it with device B. On device B accept the request and point it to the folder on the local disk.

Thanks a lot. That helped.

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