Add Remote Device hasn't worked on both devices

I’ve set up syncthing today on my linux mint cinnamon edition desktop and windows 11 laptop. When I click add remote device and paste the key from one to the other nothing happens on the opposite device. It has been true for both so far.

For example, on my desktop I click add new device, paste the code I emailed myself from the laptop in the Device ID, give it a name, and click save. There is no evidence on either machine that they’ve connected.

Running version 1.24 on both. Both say 2/2 for Listeners and Discovery. I can’t figure out why they continually say the other device is Disconnected (Unused).

This looks like you’ve disabled global discovery and relaying. Is this correct? If yes, then please try re-enabling them (at least temporarily) and see what happens.

Are the devices located in the same network? If yes, then please make sure that your network connection in Windows is set to “private” and not “public” (see

Screenshots of the Syncthing Web GUI from both devices would be welcome as well.

I got it to work. I had to enable Relaying in the connections settings and they synced up. It seems to be keeping the data within the local network too because it shared the files at 800 Mb/s. I also confirmed the firewall was allowing syncthing on private networks. I haven’t tested turning of “Enable Relaying” yet, but so far I’m happy with the results. The guide I followed online suggested I turned off the two network settings you mentioned for local network sharing only setups. Thanks for the ideas and I appreciate the response.

You shouldn’t need relay servers if both servers are on the same local network.

I use the same configuration that you are using and I have relay and global turned off on both.

Idk man. I’m just saying what happened. Computers can be finnicky sometimes. Maybe there was a step in the installation process I goofed on and it glitched that setting? I have no idea. I’m just glad it’s working now.

If you run into this problem again another workaround without using a relay server is to put the specific IP address of the other machine in syncthing, rather than having it go out on the internet potentially. If it has the actual IP address and it is static then you’ll always have a quick peer to peer Connection on the local network.

Instead of putting in dynamic as the location of the other server you put in the IP address as described on the screen in the settings.

How did you install Syncthing? Is there docker in the mix by any chance?

I don’t remember the steps I used exactly. I tried to follow the guide from Chris Titus. I don’t recall anything about a docker… but I also don’t know what a docker is.

Alright. It happened again. The two devices are disconnected again even though I’m on the same network. It worked for a little bit (about 36 hours) and now I can’t seem to fix it alone. Will you please provide more specifics on how I add the ip address of each machine to each other?

I tried to reset everything by deleting all syncthing files I could find and uninstalling anything related to syncthing on both devices. On my Windows laptop I found SyncTrayzor to install. It seems like the better option for beginners, but right off the hop it doesn’t work. After reading through the log it seems like it is still using old foler id’s and other familiar names even though I deleted all I could find. Why is this and how do I fix it?

Sorry to everybody for all my mental retardation. This is the link to a forum that has many people with my same problems resolved. I am done spamming this site for now.

SyncTrayzor is just a wrapper around Syncthing proper, so it likely won’t help you with the two devices being unable to connect. You can try hard-coding IP addresses or hostnames, but normally if the network is configured properly, you shouldn’t need to do it. As long as the firewalls aren’t blocking the access and the network in Windows is set to “private”, the devices should be able to just find their addresses and connect automatically via LAN.

Screenshots from the Syncthing Web GUI from both sides would be helpful, and also if you have modified any other default Syncthing settings, please list your modifications too.

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