Add folder on android

Hi, I’m running syncthing on 2 device: Laptop Asus : syncthing v0.14.46, Windows (64 bit). Elite 5 (Android): synthing 0.14.46. I had to reset the android mobile and reinstall syncthing so it’s like a new device. I removed the old associated device on windows and added the “new” one. I selected the 3 folder I was sharing before. On android, I also selected "use advanced folder selector" (I translated that) On windows I see the associated device Elite 5 in status “syncronizing”. On android I see my “laptop Asus” device with status syncronized but the folder list is still empty. I would expect to get asked to accept the shared folders (on android) and choose their path.

Any suggestion?

If you mutually added A on B and B on A, then no prompts will appear. Prompts are also just helpers, you can always do tge additions and sharing manually.

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