Add additional folder to existing setup

I have syncthing running between my linux server and an Android phone (one directory synced). I am having trouble getting my head around how to sync an additional folder from the same phone to the same server.

Do I just need to add an additional Folder item on each endpoint and reference the existing Device? Or do I need to add additional Devices the each endpoint as well?

I am hesitant to just try things as I don’t want to wipe out anything in the existing working synced folder.

When you create a share you can choose which devices you want to share it with.

If you add the share on one device and choose the other devices you want to share it with, you will get a notification on the other devices that the existing device wants to share a new folder. Then you can accept it, set the location and you are done.

If you want you can add the share to all devices but you have to make sure the folder ID is the same on all devices. You also still need to choose which devices you want to share the folder with on each device.

Thanks much. I was way over thinking it. That worked perfectly.

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