Active/Disconnected status at the top

I have a list of 10-15 different computers/folders syncing files to multiple NAS machines and would like to see all the “Error”, “Disconnected”, “Syncing” at the top then all the “Up to Date” status. The secondary sort would be alphabetically, like it is today. This would apply to both folders and devices.

I have the Syncthing interface open in a browser all the time, this would save me time if the issues where at the top, instead of having to scroll.

I do like how the browser icon changes when it is syncing. Could we get a different icon when there are “Disconnected” or “Error” status?

I think elements moving because of their status is chaotic. Folders go into and out of rescan, devices reconnect on config changes, this would be pure chaos.

Regarding the icon, sounds like a reasonable request. Feel free to file a pull request if you are able to do that.

I will be submitting a pull request, hopefully tomorrow. Based on my discovery not all the status where being identified correctly. The current icons should work.