Access Rights on WD MyCloud EX2100


I have a big Problem accessing my files. Here my Setup:

I use Synchthing (V1.12.0) on a WD EX2100 (Firmware 2.41.116) at my home. The 2nd computer is a WIN10 PC in my office also running syncthing.

On both I scan for 2 Folders and sync them in both directions. This works fine. I can use the local files on my PC and they stay synced with the cloud.

But now I have a second WIN10 PC at home with wich I access the mycloud directly via IP adress in the explorer.

The files AND folders that I add on the mycloud are synced with the office-PC and everything is fine.

BUT the files added on the office PC, wich are synced TO the WD cloud are

ONLY readable via direct acess on the laptop. I can’t write new files in FOLDERS generated this way and I cannout change files generated this way.

It is NO option to install syncthing at the laptop due to HDD space. So I NEED the direct access to my files. And I need to have write rights on them.

Does anyone have a similar setup / problem? Does anyone have an idea how to get the write access? I mean without having to get throught like 10 steps everytime I need them - some constant solution?

Some additional Infos:

  • Win10 had “read-only” checked on the folders
  • I tried to remove it - it runs a very long process changeing it but after the process is done it’s “read-only” again

First of all, it must be ensured that all users of the various clients and also Syncthing as users have unrestricted access rights, or if restricted, then so that the processes work.

Since your NAS is a WD and not a Synology, I can only share the experience from the Synology view that the Ignore Permissions are activated in all of my peers:

I would test that to see how that affects on a WD.

Usually such accesses are not a problem. Maybe the WD forum would also be suitable to get more information.

Which computer is that, from your Office? Which folder you use, is a system folder?

The Laptop at checking the wd cloud files.

I’ll try the “ignore permission” suggestion above and will get back here in a few days when i could verify the results. cause i need to change places between office and home for the testings.

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