Access is denied error

Hello there, new here.

I know that this is a common question here, but I don’t know what to do. Most people I read about this had a server, a NAS or whatever; well, that’s not my case. This is simpler, I guess. I just have a list of folders synched between my mobile phone and my PC.

I used to have syncTrayzor as the PC utility to be synched with my mobile app, but just the other day it crashed and couldn’t be lunched again. No matter what I do, syncTrayzor doesn’t work anymore (the installation wizard disappeared, so it crushes). Downloaded Synching from GitHub and now opened in the web browser, it doesn’t seem to be working either.

Syncthing App on my Mobile is always at 98%, but the web browser GUI won’t be finishing the work. It seems to be repeating the same process over and over again for hours: It starts synchronizing some files but at some point, it stops, showing a huge list of failures. The reason is always the same, “Acess is denied”. So well, how can I solve it? I’ve used this by a whole year and now this happens??

P.D.: And yes, the PC folder synched has all the possible permissions available for all users and admin.

This is a totally new and unexpected behavior from Syncthing.

Attaching an example of what happens:

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