Access denied (wrong user or password) from Syncthing for NAS Synology

Syncting has been successfully and satisfactorily installed on all my Windows PC and Synology NAS devices for a long time.

I had to replace the PC. On the new PC I reinstalled Syncthing and everything works.

Trying to log in to Syncthing on the Synology NAS (from the new PC) - nothing has changed on the NAS - I am asked for login and password which I have carefully saved (like all my other 200 passwords) on a key ring. Unfortunately I can no longer log in to Syncthing NAS due to an incorrect login or password.

Furthermore, there are no other options, unless you uninstall Syncthing from the NAS with the complication of having to restore six devices in which between six and twelve objects are stored in each. A very, very long operation.

Is there anything I can do other than shoot myself? :slight_smile:

Please don’t shoot yourself. You are not alone. :slight_smile:

There are known problems occurring since the last release, related to some browsers and also on Android. See for example:

Hi André, thanks . . .

Yes, I saw… Differently it happens to me on all Windows browsers, not Android. But the problem is the same, same images. Do I move there?

I’m so sorry André, I don’t know what to do. . .

That one is different. Are you 100% sure that your credentials are correct? Open a an incognito tab and check if the login works here.

I’m absolutely certain!

I am very strict with password management. As you know it is essential. In addition to using a cloud keyring for some years, when I create or modify a password I have a very strict sequence: first I record it on the keyring (or I add it by appending it if I already have one) then I insert it if necessary by copying and pasting from the keyring into the box where it is requested, I verify access, then add a reminder to delete the previous password after ten days. No error. I’m absolutely certain!

PS I used an incognito window: same ban

Any unusual characters in your username or password, as in non-ASCII?

Yes. I use special characters only in the password, but no “non-ASCII”

ex. akRTT#95-9!@

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Yeah, shouldn’t matter either way, but then that isn’t an issue.


No idea, really. If it’s possible on the Synology, maybe run with STTRACE=api to get some extra log output, and/or look in the developer console on the actual network requests and see what happens.

I note that the error says “login failed, see logs” which is not what it says when the username/password is wrong. Rather it indicates a problem talking to the server to begin with. Does the Synology setup involve a proxy of some kind? Maybe there’s a setup issue there.

I didn’t use the PC for three weeks due to permanent breakdown. When I started the new PC I restored everything as it was without changing anything.

But the problem occurs on Syncthing installed on the NAS which has not undergone any changes. I simply haven’t had access to Syncthing on the NAS (which centralizes everything) for three weeks.

Upon rebooting I had this problem using the key fob to get the password.

I can’t log in anymore

There should be a log-line in the browser’s console with the response, in the form of 'Password authentication failed:', [some response].

Perhaps that gives a clue.

You can simply deactivate authentication by editing the config file and readd your credentials after restarting Syncthing.

Just remove user and password from the gui section.

I’m not capable of doing it. . .

Desperate, after having postponed any attempt for days, today with the conviction of having to start restoring a total of over thirty synchronizations in 3 Windows and 3 Android devices, I uninstalled Syncthing for Synology on the NAS - without deleting - the application data.

Immediately afterwards I re-installed Syncthing on the Synology NAS: I received a request to indicate a username (I repeated the username I already had), the password (I repeated the last password I used) and MAGICALLY I found all the synchronizations.

A stroke of crazy luck.

Syncthing genes and maintainers. . . didn’t you know? :upside_down_face:

And if you knew, could you tell me? :sweat_smile:

All’s well that ends well. . .

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