a word file left open on another device..what to do?

Ok, how does syncthing handle this scenario:

my laptop, that is sleeping and lid closed, has a word file open and i need to edit it on the desktop at home. Laptop is not available at the moment. its 3 hours away.

So i noticed on my home desktop, it has 2 files, one is the temp file and the other is the actual. If i make edits now, and save it. how do i prevent the opened version from overwritting the edits?


Please check https://docs.syncthing.net/users/syncing.html#conflicting-changes. In short, you can’t prevent the file from being overwritten, but Syncthing will create a copy that you can then restore manually.

hmmmm. ok, this is gonna be an ongoing issue because i leave the word files open all the time haha. I can get used to closing them. thats a habbit i should do anyway. Infact, its best to probably fully shutdown a machine then let it sleep all the time haha

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