A temporary file doesn't remove after one day

I tried to upload the same file to two servers which is different. The server which finished uploading first begin to sync the file to another server. The scecond server finished uploading before syncing. I find syncthing can not remove the temporary file rightly. Now the temporary file can remain more than one day. Syncthing removing the temporary file is by check the file update time or others.Between the day,Restarting Syncthing may also influence?

Files are removed when Syncthing does a scan and when they are >24 hours old. It looks from your timezone that this file is just over 24 hours old. It should be removed at next scan, which may only happen once an hour.

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Thanks,I find it has been removed right now. I have another question.I find that syncthing fails to sync file which named by GBK-2312. I want to know if synching has a better solution which I don’t know.

Thank for you help again!

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Unfortunately no, it’s UTF-8 or nothing as far as Syncthing is concerned.

Emmm…I didn’t know that my solution is correct or not.I read the code of syncthing and I find that syncthing check the file path.If the file path doesn’t use UTF-8,syncthing will thow a error and skip this file.So I commented these code and compiled to a new syncthing which can execute.The new syncthing can synchronize these files even though they’re not in UTF-8 format. Am I allowed to do this? Or are there any synchronization error which I don’t know?

This code is in walk.go

You can do whatever you want with your own systems and source. :slight_smile: However we don’t have this restriction just because we like restrictions, it’s there because the entire rest of the code assumes UTF-8 and treats it accordingly. Removing the check will certainly break things – in general, but maybe not in your setup. That’s for you to test.

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