a syncthing based fork of syncnet

First thing first: thanks a lot to the developers of syncthing. This is an amazing and empowering product.

Did anyone hear about the syncnet project? It’s a very good idea to implement a simple sort DNS-less and decentralised internet. Unfortunately, it is based on bit-torrent sync, whose sources are not disclosed and cannot be trusted.

Would it be difficult to fork it and use the syncthing protocol instead of bittorrent?

That’s very interesting but I don’t see how it would fit with Syncthing tbh. I’m not one of the developers or creators though.

What du you mean by “tbh”?

Sorry, it’s an abbreviated version of “To Be Honest”

Thanks for the answer.

I just discovered that bittorrent has a similar project in alpha : http://techcrunch.com/2014/12/10/bittorrent-maelstrom/