a lot of connections since syncthing


I installed syncthing at my raspberry over this repository: https://apt.syncthing.net/

But I am wondering that I have a huge amount of connections now.

command: netstat -A inet


Is this a normal behavior, I thought only a discovery server is required?


how do you know if it’s syncthing?

netstat -tupn | grep syncthing will explain syncthing connections better.

With this command, only “connected” connections are listed. But most of them are in “FIN_WAIT2” state with no program “-”.

These connections appear and reappear after starting syncthing, so I am pretty shure …

Those are the probes against relay servers at startup, in order to find the best one. As you can see they do not remain established.

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Relays are listed http://relays.syncthing.net/

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