A few questions about SyncThing on a mac os 10.10

On a mac os (10.10) I have configured that SyncThing will start automatically.

Will it also update itself automatically, I cannot find a button in the web-gui where I can update syncthing?

The mac has an external drive which I want to be the location that will be synced to. I have formatted the external drive as Mac Os (journalled). I have created a partition “SyncDrive”, so in the webgui the synced folder-location is: /Volumes/SyncDrive/. I now get the message: mkdir /Volumes/SyncDrive/map : permission denied. Which setting has I configured wrong.

In the info of the external drive from the finder, I already have given “everyone” “read/write”.

If you downloaded it from GitHub, and if Syncthing itself has write permissions on the directory where it’s running from, yes. You don’t get an upgrade button in the UI if there isn’t an upgrade available.

Unclear… Perhaps permissions or ownership is wrong on the “map” folder. Macs usually format external drives with ownership disabled, but perhaps that wasn’t the case here.

When I look at the info of the external hd. I see that everyone has read and write. I also see that the checkbox “Ignore ownership on this volume” is set.

I opened a terminal on the mac and I try to create a directory (mkdir) and this fails also “permission denied”. I know now where the problem is.

Problem solved. It was a mistake I’ve made.

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