A feature I'd never noticed

I’ve been a Syncthing user for many years (since 0.11, I think), but only today did I first see that either Syncthing or SyncTrayzor lists unknown locally discovered device IDs when adding a remote device. Is this a new-ish feature, or has it been around forever and I just never noticed?

I haven’t historically used Syncthing over my local network much in the past, so the attention to detail was a nice surprise.


Did some digging in the git log and I think I found the relevant commit that added this feature:

Soo, if I haven’t missed something it looks like this was added in v0.14.32, about two years ago.

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If you like that feature, you might also be interested in this work-in-progress:

The next couple of weeks I’ll hopefully have time to further work on it.