99% sync: is there a quick fix?

Hi all…

i had the usual problem with the device synced to 99%. To solve, I deleted from the Syncthing GUI all synchronizations of both devices and from the folders of both devices the .stfolder folders and when present the .removed folders I re-created the syncs and the 99% sync error disappeared, it fixed.

Is there an alternative way to quickly locate the folders causing the error?

Usually there will be failed items etc on the other side, so you should address that.

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Thanks . . . Consequently, taking into account a possible long search, perhaps even not conclusive, the “radical” method I followed could be faster, even if I had to rebuild fifteen synchronizations … I err?

Not sure I follow the statement/sarcasm.

You can’t really debug issues on device A from device B, that’s just not how things work.

dear @AudriusButkevicius

I don’t know English well, consequently I may have explained myself badly. I’m sorry if you misunderstood my words.

My question, was a confirmation request if in case of “99% sync” warning it is faster to clear and rebuild all syncs, instead of looking for a hard to find error.

The error in the case of synchronization of folders containing a few thousand files seemed to me to be complicated to find:

in this case, I haven’t figured out a quick way to find the misalignment. So it seemed faster to delete the synchronizations, delete the contents of the “destination” folders (Synchthing in “Send only” mode) and recreate the synchronizations.

After half an hour the synchronizations were all rebuilt and the error disappeared.

I hope I made it clear this time. . .

I mean whatever works for you. Usually of its stuck at 99% something went wrong on the other device.

How you resolve that, its up to you.

You can start from scratch like you did, or you can fix the underlying error, which in the send only case is usually to do with the other side (non-seasonally) modifying files which send only then refuses to accept (because its send only, and never accepts remote updates).

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