> 7000 Active users, > 147000 downloads...

Source: https://data.syncthing.net/


v0.10.30   Release Author: calmh
Published on: 2015-03-29  
Download Info: 
md5sum.txt.asc(0.00MB) -                  Downloaded 108 times.
sha1sum.txt.asc(0.00MB) -                 Downloaded 154 times.
dragonfly-386-v0.10.30.tar.gz(3.80MB) -   Downloaded 114 times.
dragonfly-amd64-v0.10.30.tar.gz(4.00MB) - Downloaded 116 times.
freebsd-386-v0.10.30.tar.gz(3.80MB) -     Downloaded 48 times.
freebsd-amd64-v0.10.30.tar.gz(4.00MB) -   Downloaded 2242 times.
linux-386-v0.10.30.tar.gz(3.81MB) -       Downloaded 12966 times.
linux-amd64-v0.10.30.tar.gz(4.02MB) -     Downloaded 74523 times.
linux-arm-v0.10.30.tar.gz(3.77MB) -       Downloaded 20064 times.
macosx-386-v0.10.30.tar.gz(3.79MB) -      Downloaded 488 times. 
macosx-amd64-v0.10.30.tar.gz(4.00MB) -    Downloaded 7974 times.
netbsd-386-v0.10.30.tar.gz(3.80MB) -      Downloaded 21 times.
netbsd-amd64-v0.10.30.tar.gz(4.00MB) -    Downloaded 31 times.
openbsd-386-v0.10.30.tar.gz(3.80MB) -     Downloaded 24 times.
openbsd-amd64-v0.10.30.tar.gz(4.01MB) -   Downloaded 41 times.
olaris-amd64-v0.10.30.tar.gz(4.01MB) -    Downloaded 30 times.
source-v0.10.30.tar.gz(3.70MB) -          Downloaded 95 times.
windows-386-v0.10.30.zip(3.83MB) -        Downloaded 6261 times.
windows-amd64-v0.10.30.zip(4.06MB) -      Downloaded 22603 times.

Sum: Downloaded 147641 times.

Source: http://www.somsubhra.com/github-release-stats/

Great success for the Syncthing Team! Thank you for great software in open source. :sunny:


I am probably being really stupid here, but what do the percentages (5%, 50%, 95%, 100%) mean? I can’t work it out!

For example, how do “Data Managed per Device”, “238.2 GiB” and “95%” relate to each other?

Thank you!

95% of the reporting users have less than 238.2 GB managed by Syncthing. 5% have more.

I see! I didn’t consider “95% have less than…”

I really wonder what these almost 300 devices with “other” version are. People who started using syncthing before the update checking was implemented and who never again checked the website?

As far as I know, there are still some people out there running v0.8.xx I guess its working and thats it. :slight_smile: Never change a running system… :wink:

I’m not sure how exactly the stats work, but that migt also include development versions (anything that is not a release).

“Other” are all counts smaller than the above. Dev versions are included, certainly. But there are a 150 or so (at last count) v0.8 clients out there.

Wow. And now also more than 8000 stars:

@calmh and @AudriusButkevicius: This shows your success. Thank you for all your work on the project, your patience, your calm handling of all the various demands, your expertise on all the problems and your professionalism in this software. I learn a lot more about project handling, dealing with problems and project management (the calmh way) :slight_smile: than I did during my studies.
I also want to thank all the other supporters!