$600 bounty for writing to external SD card in Android 5.0+

I’m offering a bounty of 600 US dollars for proper write support to external SD cards (e.g. /storage/extSdCard on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4) in Android 5.0 and later without requiring rooting the device. As per this recent discussion:

doing so appears to require using Android’s Storage Access Framework.

This bounty is payable via PayPal to whoever adds the necessary feature to the Syncthing client for Android, once it’s included in a mainline release (i.e. not a special one-off version), as long as this happens before the end of 2015.

Others who would like to see this feature (I know you’re out there!) are invited to contribute to the bounty.


Has anyone decided to work on this?

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I don’t know why my answer was marked as clippy

You seem to have answered the general “how do I write to an SD card on Android” in hunt for the bounty, which is not the context in which the question was asked. New users with multiple links run the risk of getting spam flagged. In this case I’m inclined to agree. :wink:

Has anyone solved this issue?

No. As far as I know, no one has worked on it yet.

I’ve just read this and am interested! Is your bounty still active or did it end last year?

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No, I’ve now switched phone to a Nexus 6P which has no external SD card, so am no longer interested in this.

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Closed as no longer active. The feature is still welcome, of course. And discussion of it, but not on this thread.