3 devices where only 1 folder is needed for one of them


I spent quite a time figuring out how to word the title - I hope that it makes sense.

The case is that I have 3 syncthing devices with a shared folder. Inside that folder is a folder named “zzz” which is only needed by one of the 3 devices.

The other 2 devices have about half of the contents of the “zzz” folder which they do not need.

The device with the “zzz” folder needs it to be there in that exact path.

What would be the best way to delete the “zzz” folder from the 2 devices and have the last device keeping the “zzz” folder intact?

I hope that I am making sense and thank you for taking your time to read this.

Use an ignore pattern on the 2 devices that don’t need zzz:

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Thank you. Would this also mean that afterwards it is possible to delete the folder from the 2 devices without it affecting the one who needs it?

Yes Syncthing doesn’t care what you do with files/dirs that are ignored. Ignoring means that the device that ignores that path does neither notice changes nor change stuff itself at that path - well, it just totally ignores it :slight_smile:

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