3 devices setup problem


I stumbled across syncthing earlier today and embarked on trying it out immediately.

However I have a problem that I am too tired/drunk/whatever to overcome…

I have (at the moment) three devices: A desktop PC with Debian testing (running 0.14.37), an OpenWrt-router (running 0.14.41) and an Android phone (running syncthing 0.14.41, android-version 0.10.1).

All are connected to a wifi-lan, my router is, my desktop is and my phone is

I can make the router see the desktop and I can make the desktop see the phone but for the life of me I cannot make the router see the phone.

In the android app I have added both the router and the desktop and while the desktop shows “Up to date”, the router always shows “Disconnected”.

Does anyone have an idea about what could be the problem here?

Many thanks!

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