3 devices, 1 folder : one is at 99,99% the other one is stuck at 1,5%

Hello again,

We have the same folder of music (550+ Gb) in sync between 3 friends/synology NAS. They’ve been disconnected for 2 months, before we were succesfully syncing with BTSync. But now I want to use the syncthing :slight_smile:

From my point of view (let’s call me ONE) :

  • A node (let’s call it TWO) goes to ~99,99(…)% completion
  • The other node (let’s call it THREE) goes to ~1,54(…)% completion

→ There doesnt appear to be a lot of trafic happening since the first 24h+ sync that spread succesfully the latest modifications to the folders (they in fact all seem up to date).

I can --verbose --audit and sttrace, I just don’t know where to look at. We restarted, are up to date, but every time after scan and sync it goes to the same completion ratios.

We have the same ignore file for the three folders, mainly to ignore OS’s temp files.

Thanks for your help

Some precisions : the GUI of device “TWO” displays 100% completion, and the one from device “THREE” displays 2% completion because of rounding the 99,99% and 1,54% that I found in the audit logs.

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